Steve Anderson

))))) PUT YOUR SELF ON (((((


I pray that you are open to peeling back the many layers that
have caused you a blockage of your own blessings ?

This will free you from being bounded from that self distruction ,
self sabotage , feat doubt , and all trouble’s that have caused you
to live as the victim from your choices .

instead of living victoriously .

Im puting my feeling in my words and they will challenge your
comfort zone,

Just as I look foreward to your opinion and feeling’s that
may Challenge mine .

To get you to consider that you might be living with your binders on
Forcing yourself to not see what you ordered for your own life .

Im extreemly hope to break through these thick wall of complacency
and empower you to face your fears of the unknow .

I challenges you to see things outside of your bubble of reality ,

You have to take the leap of faith to truly understand we all hold false beliefs that should not get no air time in our thought process due
the damage that they produce .

Our thoughts are not correct to have healthy understanding & sound reasoning .

Some how we pick the wrong ways from others that are living
unhealthy life style, and just because one has many shiny thing’s
dont make your life healthy just mybe more unreal.

Let’s just say in one way or another cause thing”s look so
good and easy.

Oh”boy and the toy’s from the gain is alway shiny flipside, we all
know of one that got caught slippin and is not there no more.

the thing is one,
having to do time I mean please let’s not,missunderstand my word’s
any time one change you win.

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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