Steve Anderson



Who among us doesn’t desperately wish to end up in the gardens
of paradise to save their soul from the fire ?

The reality is that a human being knows good from bad.

If one knows the path to salvationt is prepared ,

Once one gives it serious consideration one would give up everything yes everything for the sake of obtaining it .

God the most high has linked this success to repentance ,

Which translated into plain language ,

Read like this ; there is no success with out repentance .

God states .

And turn all together to God in repentancne .

O you believers , so that you my be successful .

Yet how shall a people ever achieve success ?

Whom god has called ‘2 unjust , transgressor , wrongdoers

For God has said ; And who ever does not repent .

Then it is [such as] those who are wrong doers, QAR’AN 49:11

Where is the wrong in being unrepentant ?

Rather the question ought to be where is’nt it ?

The wrong is in a persons lack of awareness Specifically of the Lord’s punisment’ and the dire consequence of the meeting of God with a toxic load of unrepented for misdeeds ,

This load of unawareness of wrongdoing is lodged in an humanbeings soul ,out of willful ignorance of the defects that have defected ones pristine soul, and caused it to desert success and indulge in ignorance .

It is part and parcel of a persons oblivion to the mercy of ones Lord and the lack of a Persons lack of recognition for Ones Lord’s delights in the repentance of his servants .

This toxic load companies ones enlighted ignorance into mercy
and forgiveness that their creator reserved for the repentant .

We should know , as well that God’s mercy is a vast and that the servants repentance falls between ones words and actions,

The companions would hear the prophet pronounce his seeking words to God, for his forgiveness seventy times in a single sitting, inspite of the fact the prophet is divinely protected from error and
that God had promised him absolution .

Therefore God shall foregive our sins upon our repentence .

Whatever has preceded and whatever is to come , shall He
perfect his blessing upon you ? a straight way, yes it’s God’s will to the believer’s.

Now how many time a day do we declear and ask for forgiveness ?

The truth is more likely that day passed without speaking to god
then weeks and months roll by without uttering these word’s.
be the conditions from which we seek God’s help :
Our Lord I have wronged my self !

Please lord forgive me for I have sined.

It is understood if you do not forgive us and have mercy upon us.

We shell most surely be among the losers !

That’s why it’s important one does their home work, having
a healthy life, and being apart of the world is apart of giving back alway do what you can, it’s nice to be nice.

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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