Victor Martinez


Hello readers my name is Victor E Martinez #302964, im 34years old,and i have been incarcerated since 2006. And my release date is 2027, but with god on my side i wont be here that long. If someone would like to contact me regarding my blog they can do so at Or simply keep it old school, and write me a letter im good with that to.

-Does the truth really set you free-

If i tell you exactly how i feel about you, without sugarcoating my words do you think you can handle it? If i tell you im in a relationship with you until someone else better comes along can you handle it. Or should honesty be penpointed to suit the reciever?

Me personally i would like for anyone to be honest with me no matter the circumstances, i rather have my feelings hurt than to be lied to. The thing i hate the most is when someone says, “I lied because i did’nt want to hurt your feelings.” To me thats a cowards way of saying im a scarey individual.

Whoever read this blog, i challenge you to pick someone in your life who you think has thick skin, and be honest with them for one day. At the end of the day let them know what the purpose of what you were doing. Because they might think you were being an asshole. But remember this is not a test to hurt peoples feelings, this is to let them know exactly how you feel, rather it be good or bad. HONESTY

Victor Martinez
DOC #302964

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  1. I agree. Being honest with ourselves and expressing our true selves is the way to treat ourselves with honor. This way others are treated respectfully as well. And it hurts more to disrespect ourselves than it does to be hurt by someone else.

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