Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez

Hello, My name is Victor E Martinez. I am currently incarcerated in the state of Washington. I was born and raised in Los Angeles California, by way of Watts. But my mom, and dad was born, and raised in Belize so that Belizean blood runs threw my vains. I have 12years remaining on my sentence from the mistake that i made. But with good on my side everyday feels like one minute.

Just a few facts about me, im 5’9/170lbs,with beautiful bronze skin. Some say i look like But for real i enjoy working out everyday, i believe in keeping my body in shape, as well as my mind. I have written a few urban fiction books, none have gotten published yet, but i cant wait until the day it does. I like to enjoy life everday no matter my circumstances, i keep a smile on my face, and love to see the people around me smile as well.

In conclusion, i would like for a female with some of the same outlooks on life as me to contact me, and maybe we can become best of friends, or bring something into each other life that can make us smile everyday. My info is on the Contact page if you’d like to write me.


Victor Martinez
DOC #302964

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