Jeremiah Gilbert


The sun was shining warmly for the end of January. The breeze was gentle with just a hint of winter upon it’s breath. I stood with two other lifers as they talked of their daily irritants. My eyes where following a wisp of cloud as it drifted the horizon. Appearing to dance and slither through the tips of the trees.

I thought of fingers running through a womans hair, of a womans fingers drifting through mine. I don’t recall smiling intentionally, I would have never even known I was if not for the abrupt lull in the conversation of the two men beside me.

I glanced at them, one of them nodded and said,”This bro is already free.” The other stated, “That or he’s lost his damn mind, smiling around like a chimp with no lips!”

Now I am concsious of my smile as that was the funniest thing I’d heard all day. Lifer #1 asks what is on my mind… I answer, “The freedom to experiance unabashed intimacy.” The reply, “W.T.F.?!?!”

My smile now a ghost of it’s former self as I excuse myself and go spin some laps. A thought rattles into my awareness like a tiny rock into my shoe…

How many miles have men shuffled upon this trodden circle with thoughts such as these? Wishing to express them yet knowing the environment did just as I… walked alone, smiled to self and prayed for love…

Jeremiah Gilbert
DOC #709551

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