Brandon Sutton


It may take a lifetime to answer at least one of those questions. Many things enter my thoughts when I contemplate the question “WHO AM I?” the most obviouse are the titlesadn jugments I identify with through my life experiences. I.E. Elctrician, Artist, surfer, father, etc.. (Am I really and electrician, or is electrician a title of my chosen occupation?)

Because I have a mew perspective with every experience. In order for me to clearly define who I am to myself at any given time requires moment to moment contemplation and self awarness. I wnat to offer you the essence of who I am at my core in hopes that we may connect with authenticity through our shared humanity.

Who am I part #1 (values)
I value family, friendship, community, contribution, autonomy, vulnerability, empathy, trust, honesty, love compassion, support, and balance.

Who am I Part 2. (Vulnerability)
I am fear, courage, tender, community, confident, meek, responsive, reactive, love, and hate. I am phenomena. I may modle any of these things and more at any given shift in my perspective.

How did I get here!
The easy answer is. At a time before this one, i was walking blind, I could not hear, or sense without the guidence of habit, fear and/or social conditioning. I was disconnected from myself, life and others. I was a stone rolling down a hill leaving a path of destruction in my wake

How did I get here?
the easy answer to that question is. At a time before this one I was walking blind, I could not hear or sense. I was disconnected from myself and others. I was as a stone rolling down a hill leaving a path of destruction in my wake.

I landed in a prison yard. Here I found the Freedom Project Mindfullness Meditation and Non violent Communication (NVC) where I learned to quiet the chatter in my mind, listen with empathy for the deeper meaning of words, expressions, and emotions in myself and others.

who am I, and how did I get here?

My question to you is! Who are you, and how did you get there?

This is my first Blog. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m grateful for the adventure, and open an invitation to interact with me about my Blog or any other subject of your choice!

The end!

Readers: My Name is Brandon My age is 44. I’ve been locked up since Dec 2000. My release is July 2023.

Brandon Sutton
DOC #3796353

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