Anthony Powers


I have a desire to write without a place to begin.

Life is what it is.

Most people are crazy in their own way.

Most people show many faces to various individuals based on the person with whom they are speaking.

People desiring acceptance from others who are themselves desiring acceptance.

It would seem the logical thing to do for everybody to just be
themselves accepting others for who they are.

It would seem logical not to treat people cruelly desiring to impress others.

Desiring to impress others who have their own insecurities that they are hiding.

The correct mindset for me is to appreciate things while I have them.

Everything is based on comparison.

If I were focused on the short life span of the rose I may miss both its scent and its beauty.

If I were to view life in comparison to the vasteness of eternity then I may make a more positive impact while I am here.

Make a more positive impact while having patience with life’s difficulties
Having patience with the difficulties that will inevitably, like all else, come to an end.

Anthony Powers
DOC #721689

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