Mike Lindsey


So im in a on again off again relationship for the past 7 years and she has just jumped back on after getting out of a bad relationship. I find myself telling her that she needs a job, car and her own place. All things that she should of had years ago and should want for herself and her kid right? She tells me that im being controlling and trys to give me ultimatums. What the hell is that? She just had to leave the place where she was at cause she wasnt getting along with the people she is staying with and have a cool down session. She is 1 situation away from having someone that dont like her call CPS on her and have them comming over and threatining to take her kids. Thats not what i want. And when i express how important it is for her to have these things she cops an additude.

Is she worth the bullshit when she has broke my heart 3 times in the past 7 years and thrown me and our relationship away when i put in all the work and then some dude starts sniffing around and slips her some dick and she drops me like a bad habbit?

Ive got goals and dreams and there acheaveable with alot of hardwork and dedication. But ill never get there if im in a relationship with a woman whos content to let other people take care of her and has no drive or goals.

I need a woman who is driven, independant, has goals and dreams they want to reach and surpass. And honestly i dont think this one is that woman. So do i cut her loose or sacrafice and take the hard road? I think i tell her that its better for us both if we move on.

Just because im in prison im not going to settel. Ill be locked up and controlled for 17 years by the time i get out. Im not into controlling people unless its in the bedroom and consentual. Then im real good at that.

What do you think of my situation? Should i stay or should i go? Let me know @jpay.com (Mike Lindsey 847863), or if you would like to introduce yourself to me id love to get to know you.

Mike Lindsey
DOC #847863

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