Leselie McDonald

I Bully You Because…

Locked Up Hope

I BULLY YOU BECAUSE….. I’m lonely, abandoned in a crowded space with uncomfortable thoughts penetrating my spirit, giving full view to my nakedness. You see me, I know, a child in a grown body desperate for attention, longing for the dust to create a song. Send me a verse to widow my hurt. I get drunk with pain from not being noticed like an empty bag dancing with the wind. I’m right here, if you’ll just open your eye and not walk by.

I BULLY YOU BECAUSE….. I’m lost, my touch can’t taste and my sight don’t smell nothing familiar. I hear a rhythm faint to the auricle, hard to follow, so I move with the shadow outside of me. I know you know me, listed as a characteristic, realistic in my bath with instrumentalism, I’m confused from your condemnation. I’m hardly a beacon charged by hate, I’m like energy unaware…

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