Mark Till

Mark Till has been in prison for 5 years. He has 4 left. While in prison he enjoys honing his craft…drawing. His ultimate goal is to own a tattoo shop and art gallery.

mark till


The above piece is a freestyle drawing that Mark pulled out of his mind. It took him about 70 hours to complete.


This piece is a collaboration by Mark and Phil Phillips. Mark’s work is on the left side of the drawing. It took about 30 hours.

Marks goals and artistic drive is motivated by his family. He has a desire to make them proud. He is inspired by Bob Tyrell and Paul Booth, two very good artists. Mark is clearly one of the most talented artists in the world. The detail in his vivid drawings is absolutely incredible!

These one of a kind drawings are rare and 100% original. They are on a first come first serve basis. For prices, contact Suzie Jennings at

Mark has expressed an interest to share his art here on Stone City Blog. Be on the look-out for more of his work. Please leave comments. Do you like his art? Want to see more on this blog? Thank you for your feedback.

Mark Till
DOC # 333287

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  1. He has real talent and it is awesome to see it expressed. Art is a great release for inmates and helps them pass the time in an economy that has such high manditory minimums and no longer design prisons for rehabilitation but instead are prisons for profit. I love seeing others who support the prison community.


  2. The top image is interesting. It looks like the depiction of two different demons. The demonic face is the actual entity and the human looking face is the projection, or appearance that the demon wants to be seen as. Like a woman with a demonic soul. These would be your interpretation of energies you felt at some time. You translate the energies into images. Thanks for sharing.



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