Floydale Eckles

“The Tale Of Floydale” (Part 1)

This is going to be the story of my life as a child. I wanted to start here to give people a true understanding of the way my conscience works. It will be a story of love, betrayal, abandonment, and grief, but I hope you will find this gripping and inspiring as well.

I was born in a small town in Missouri, and raised to believe in family valuesand love, at least up until I was five. After five years old, my father left us alone to find love in far away Memphis, Tennessee. This left my mother alone, stuggling to take care of three kids, and angry, but not at my father…. at me.

I can’t explain how I became responsible for this man’s choices, but the resentment my mother displayed to me from this time on was shocking, hurtful, and ultimately resulted in me being abandoned and left in a dumpster at the age of nine.

I was not very close to my family, so siblings were not of any help either, so I just had to learn to take care of myself. I continued to go to school for a while tyring to pretend that things at home were the same, but, eventually, it became more of a task than that of my homework, and it was unproductive to continue to go, so I dropped out and started to live my life on the streets.

I moved around for a few years panhandling and tyring to learn all I could about how to survive in the mean streets, and also how to feed myself, which resulted in me being sold to several homosexual encounters for money.

Floydale Eckles
DOC #708508

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  1. Hello, fellow writer. I read all your posts and was moved to leave a reply. it seems rude not to. You have writing skills, that’s pretty obvious. I really enjoyed reading. This was terribly sad, about your lousy mother, but you are a full person without her. She is damaged goods and you, are not. You’re a writer with a deeper understanding of the plight of human beings, and yourself.


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