Donshae Sims

“Some Old Pen Pal Letter”

I was breezing through my old sent messages, came across an old note i wrote.

Almost a year ago a friend of mine’s wife told him that her sister was interested in writing & communicating with someone in prison with him. This is what i wrote her.
Sent: 1/18/2014 1:11 AM
To: M. P.

What’s going on? You obviously don’t know me but if you’re open to simple conversation & communication then that’s all i’m interested in. I hear you got someone & trust that i am not interested at all in looking for a “relationship” or interfering with whatever you got going on with another dude. I got my own $, so i’m not interested in pan handling. I can tell you a little bit about myself, i am 28 years young, black, white, & native, clearly incarcerated for some stupid shit i got in but prison doesn’t define me or who i am. I am educated, i’m not an idiot, i’m laid back, i love to laugh & make others laugh. i’m open to any topic of discussion cause i can touch any subject. I could tell you much more about myself as far as my past, present, & future, but at the end of the day you most likely won’t be interested & won’t reply. If so, thanx for reading what i got to say anyway. If making a new friend is something you have no problem with doing, get at me.LOYALTY & RESPECT

Donshae Sims
DOC #332482


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