Steve Anderson



When we nurture our imaginantion it can help us discover very real
Workable ways to move foreward in a world filled with challenges and
constraints. Once we imagine something we actucally make it possible
for ourselves. It is all about trusting our lord with the hardwork and
prayers faithfully.

Our imagination can not instantly change things in the material world. It
can change our attitude , our focus, and the way we feel. If we imagine
we are tired and drained the next move is sleep.

If,we imagine we are enthusiastic, energetic, joyful, and confident we will quickly start to become these things.

The positive possibilities for ourselves are limited by the choices available to us.

It is true limits are there . But there is no definite way of knowing what
they are. Every limit as far as we test it can be pushed.

Unless we struggle for the possibilties available to us, well never know if a better world exist.

We’ll never know what our limits are. In fact, I would like you to believe
no limits is limiting enough.

Yes a positive momentum can take us FAR.

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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