Steve Anderson


I had no money to begin with.

I had little education .

I had no influence.

But I did have initiative , faith , and the will to win.

With these intangible forces.

I begin to work on me all with the lords help.

Cause you know god told many way befor us.

How he wishs to be Praised and in what fashion and many other laws .

The prophets and messengers brought gods laws down to the people.

Its componets to living by gods laws.

It’s the laws above any other laws .

Its not going to work to just say oh yes im a believer.

Its work to be done .

first steps is within your self , to seeking sound knowledge .

all to be displayed from your words and in your actions .

Now the prophets and messager brought god’s words ,in that statement by itself should make you research them .

it’s just really unhealthy to me for anyone to inherit something another
have, ha it’ll never be yours you dent do any the work .

Missguidance is like suger its not good for you to use blindly .

Why would you care about what another thought of you, better care about What gods going to say to you .

Im not perfect in no way much learning to do ,

I do wish to give much to others , as i have said i do plan to do all i can .
others sure have given me wow alot . so to be who i am today im a good
Guy and a believer .

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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