Steve Anderson


I have done many bad things ,

Very unlawful on dry land ,

Went out to sea [2] time’s and thought I was a man ,

I rushed back to the town thinking I had a for sure plan ,

To ponder on that thought I was just going to do some more dirt to the next man.


Never will I brag or let others glorify all that I participated in .

Many of the people that I had dealings with in those times ,

I was a none believer very ignorant ,

Still on a journey searching for the real man thats within me with a plan ,

I Truly wish I could have the opportunity to ask for foregiveness .

For the pain and confusion that came from my words and hands ,

I know all will not find understanding for my ignorance of my
old ways to truly forgive me.

I do understand .

Please know that hope and faith is 35 % of my heart 34 % be my words
36 % is in my actions of all to be a 105 % of the anew thats within I .

Due to the fact sometimes you just might find yourself powerless .

I would hope one day they would look to the anew that I have applied within my heart ,

To the people and for the world ,

For I know love and now I to truly care .

Guided with the mercy of the Lord ,

I come to truly understand why im on dry land ,

Yes the purpose is in gods plan .

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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