Steve Anderson



The ignorant person needs to be taught .

The one who has doubts need to have things expilained to them .

The negligent person needs to be reminded .

The one who wilfilly persist in error needs to be warned .

It is not right to treat one who knows about a ruling and one who is
Ignorant of it in the same manner when rebuking them .

Treating one who does not know to harshly will only put one off and make them refuse to follow your advice .

Unlike teaching one with wisdom of gentleness because an ignorant person simple does not realize that their making a mistake .

It is as if one is saying to the one who is rebuking them , why dont you
launch an attack on me .

The one who is making a mistake without realizing it may think that their rigjt so we should take this into account and deal with one tactfully
with giving and having understanding and patience .

one should always do their all to be apart of an success story !

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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