You can’t walk with me.
I walk alone.
You can’t ease my pain, nor bring me home.

My life is mine.
My darkness and mistakes.
My hopes, my shine.

My daughters love, my heart and it breaks.

Fate, it seems, has delt me a helluva hand.
But, rather than fold, I choose to play it.
And walk alone.

But, as a man.

I stand alone.
Time does not heal all wounds.

You can’t do my time.
You can’t feel my doom.
Nor see me smlie behind steel and concrete.

As I ignore what I can’t change.
And embrace the change.
Within my ability.

I am not resopsible for the actions of others.
Reguardless of numbers, claimed colors.
Or the race of a man.

I am the master of my destiny.
And will not bend knee!
For that, I am alone.
Alon, I will stand.

I am, alone, the master of my soul.
My choices:
Whither or die, or aspire to new goals?

Cold inside.
I hide my tears.
The fear of breaking.

So my blessings, now rare.
Are cherished.
The jewels of my life.
The pain that makes them precious.
Are the contests.
Of this life.

Strives to make it home one day.
But for now.
Must do without these whos love I own.
And so.

I am alone…


I wrote this 8years ago.
I was in the hole for a group fight.
I got jumped.
My homies took off!
That showed me who was real and who were not.
I expressed my anger in the form of this poem.

Until next time…

Tony Gidican
DOC # 301528

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  1. You sound like a strong person. Walking alone is the only way to walk as a confident, independent being. But we can walk alone with company 🙂



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