Society’s Version Of Beauty

I grew up in a house with 3 sisters and waking up early every morning to get ready for school or work was a real challenge. It was always a battle trying to get to the sink to brush my teeth and wash my face, with my sisters hogging the mirror to put on make-up or curling their hair.

I really didn’t understand it because my sisters are very beautiful by anyone’s standards! My question is, why were they trying so hard?

Well, it took me many years to figure it out, or at least come up with a reasonable explanation as to what was going on. Now I can’t say with certainty that I am 100% right, but this is what I think, and if you agree or dis-agree with me, please let me know. Well I’m going to quit running my mouth and get to sharing my thoughts…

Society as a whole, judge’s beauty on a level of physical appearance and now we have our women neglecting themselves to look like society’s image of beauty, and in the process, losing their individuality.

When a woman has lost her individuality, her whole being suffers mentally, emotionally, as well as physically. All of her insecurity’s come to the forefront of her life to surface behind the wall of society’s images, making her internally weak.

A woman can be painted beautiful or what men like to call “fine”, but if her attitude is ugly, she can destroy her very own essence therefore making her ugly. A woman is born with a natural essence which is where her true beauty comes from, and when that natural essence is polluted by society’s image, she then loses her true beauty because she has lost her own individuality.

Beauty is not only an appearance, but it is also a state of mind and a attitude that exudes beauty. Some women who think that they are “hot”…are in fact “not”, because they show themselves as being conceited, ill-mannered, and generally have a bad attitude with people they consider to be beneath them, or in most case’s ugly. And as I said before, a woman can be fine or even painted beautiful, but if her attitude is ugly, then she too is ugly.

However, if a woman knows of her true essence and nurture’s it and never abandon’s it…she then becomes the most beautiful of GOD’S creation, which is what he intended.

Most of the truly beautiful women in the world are of a more mature age. Why? Because they are not trying to fit into society’s image of what a woman should look like, and they are comfortable with who they are and they embrace their individuality.

The point…is to never allow society to mold you and determine who you become. True beauty comes from within us all, and it’s different for us all because of our individuality. So embrace it and enjoy it!
This is just what I think.

Jai’Mar Scott
DOC #970703

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  1. I agree with you “True beauty comes from within us all, and it’s different for us all because of our individuality.” We all are human beings, but we are different and our difference creates the beauty of the world. Thank you for simplicity and wisdom!


  2. As children, we don’t know “lables” and “biases” “judgements” and ” society definitions”.
    We understand tears when we scrape our knees, and laughter when we’re tickled. We understand what we feel! For this reason, fathers should teach daughtes what love feels like… Acceptance and respect… And teach sons how to show love properly… Through patterns of loyalty, leadership, and commitment. As children grow, they develops autonomy or self doubt… One path leads to confidence and positivity….. The other leads to insecurities and negativity. Most adults don’t know this, thus can’t teach this to children. They don’t accept him/her self enough, to understand his /her impact on the lives of the offspring.
    The song says, “It beings with the man in the mirror.” It really does.
    When we know something, when we find it valuable and necessary for childrens’ wellbeing, we prepare them through lessons and demonstration.
    In order for children to learn self acceptance and self love, self identification and the option of choices, they MUST be exposed to it… To know such concepts exist at all. That’s the responsibility of adults… To prepare and lead, to guide and mold them into productive members of society.


  3. You are quite correct. It is know as “The Beauty Myth” and I have lived both sides of the issue. I have written several articles on it and am about to begin writing a book that will go into it. It is an overwhelming problem for so many women (and men). Sadly, society is so inundated with so many incorrect messages aimed at young women in particular. We are so saturated with it that most don’t even realize that what they are trying to attain is unattainable (and unhealthy) for 98% of women, and that they try to attain this because they cannot differentiate between who they are and who they are told to be.

    I admire your vision and your understanding of an issue few really notice.I hope you keep on writing!


  4. I agree with the aspect of maturity and individuality. It’s the young, inexperienced who are seduced by adverts that fail to understand real individuality and beauty.


    • I do full heatedly agree yet it isn’t only the young or inexperienced who suffer from societies manipulation…it also affects those with low self esteem and low self image… In a way… We are all beautiful young, old and what not… Because Beauty is merely an idealism created by the very society that destroys it…just food for thought😊


  5. What a wonderful post! You know what true beauty is seeing it clearly in your sisters. That beauty may or may not have also been stereotypical, but it was definitely pure through love. Superficial beauty is indeed just a mask. It’s what lies beneath that is true, which can shine brightly to others if recognized. Luckily I do believe there are plenty of men and women out there that can see the shine.


  6. I Am totally BLOWN Away with Your Inspiring WORDS!

    It is SELF LoVe that Makes a Woman BEAUTIFUL from the InSide Out!

    I MySELF had depression in 1997 and I SEARCHED for Something to FREE Myself from it, which I did in 2010 of May as I started My Weight Loss Journey.
    I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. An AweSome read.

    Self LOVE set Me FREE!

    I Believe OUT World would be a BETTER Place When Others DID the Same

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    • Hi. Inmates submit their blogs via email ( They do not have actual access to the internet. Stone City Blog provides this platform for their voices to be heard.

      Suzie Jennings
      Stone City Blog


  7. I agree, society does influence how A LOT of women perceive themselves and I think one could argue that at times it difficult to not let society’s opinion become a factor in what beauty represents. I mean, we’re trained/brainwashed from young ages about what Beauty should look like; the television and popular culture are a few of the reasons why young women lack self-esteem and are not happy with who they are. I just think young women should be taught that the image of beauty is more than what they see on TV, it first resides in knowing your worth and then what can happen when you come unto yourself. Great post.

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